New to Children's Professional Staff

We pleased to welcome several employees and community providers to Children's Professional staff. For a complete listing of new members:

New to Children's Professional Staff

January 2014

Children's Professional Staff

Lidan Gu, PhD LP - Psychological Services

Sarah Herby, MD - Hospitalist

Jennifer McVean, MD - Endocrinology

Nimo Yusuf, PharmD - Pharmacy

Non-employed Professional Staff

Jacqueline DuFour, RN CRNA - Associated Anesthesiologists

Holly Haehnel, RN CRNA - Associated Anesthesiologists

David Larson, MD - Ridgeview Specialty Clinic

Benjamin May, MD - St. Paul Radiology

James McCabe, MD - Allina Hospitalist

Brandon Newell, DDS - Northern Star Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Joel Walgenbach, RN CRNA - Associated Anesthesiologists

December 2013

Children's Professional Staff

Jaime Miller, RN CNP - Endocrinology

Anne Shibilski, LICSW - Social Work

Juliet Strahl, RPh - Pharmacy

Non-employed Professional Staff

Todd Arsenault, MD - St Paul Radiology

Matthew Baldwin, MD - St Paul Radiology

Bruce Berens, MD - St Paul Radiology

Nathan Block, MD - St. Paul Radiology

Paul Carolan, MD - St. Paul Radiology

John Caspers, MD - St. Paul Radiology

Joshua Hohertz, PA-C - Twin Cities Spine Center

Adam Johnson, MD - St. Paul Radiology

Anders Knutzen, MD - St. Paul Radiology

David Lambert, MD - St. Paul Radiology

David Lee, MD - St. Paul Radiology

Andrew Moffitt, DDS, MS - Moffitt Restorative Dentistry

Khanh Nguyen, MD - Real Time Neuromonitoring Associates of CA

Suzanne Parrino, MD - St. Paul Radiology

Jeffrey Phelan, MD - St. Paul Radiology

Gregory Rathmann, MD - St. Paul Radiology

Eric Salman, PA-C - Midwest Spine Institute

Vladimir Savcenko, MD - St. Paul Radiology

Patrick Sullivan, MD - St. Paul Radiology

Paul Sorajja, MD - Minneapolis Heart Institute

Angela Tai, MD - St. Paul Radiology

Keith Wittenberg, MD - St. Paul Radiology

Peter Wold, MD - St. Paul Radiology

November 2013

Children's Professional Staff

Natalie Rigelman-Hedberg, MD - Hospitalist

Laura Sower, PharmD - Pharmacy

Nathan Chomilo, MD - Hospitalist

Karen Johnson, RN CNP - Sleep Disorders

Heather Sesma, PhD LP - Psychological Services

Non-employed Professional Staff

Jeffrey Behar, MD - Virtual Radiologic 

Deborah Bohn, MD - Tria Orthopaedic Center

Kelli Ferber, PA-C - Midwest ENT Specialists 

Garret Griffin, MD - Midwest ENT Specialists

Wendy Hemme, RN CNP - Partners in Pediatrics

Joseph Jares III, MD - Neurology Specialty Care

N. Judge King III, MD - Virtual Radiologic 

Meredith Kurysh, DDS - Sprouts Pediatric Dentistry 

Jane Laco, MD - Partners in Pediatrics

Brandford Sklow, MD - Colon & Rectal Surgery Associates

Chelsey Stecher, PA-C - Midwest ENT Specialists

Erin Wise, MD - Allina Abbott Hospitalist 

Hannah Wilhelm, PA-C - Partners in Pediatrics

October 2013

Children's Professional Staff

Alexandra Fife, PharmD – Pharmacy 

Sarah Green, RN CNP – Infectious Diseases 

Danielle Horgen, PA-C – Neurosurgery 

Mary Jaeger, RN CNS DNP – Wound, Ostomy, Continence 

Heather Lorier, RN CNP – Neurosurgery 

Chelsea Weinstein, LICSW – Social Work

Non-employed Professional Staff

Katherine Hecker, MD – Pediatric and Young Adult Medicine 

Laura Speltz, MD – Gillette Pediatric Neurology 

Sarah Vogler, MD – Colon & Rectal Surgery Associates

September 2013

Children's Professional Staff

Tsovinar Arutyunyan, MD - Critical Care

Sarah Herby, MD - Hospitalist

Anne Krieger, RN CNP - Pediatrics

Lisa LaForest, MD - Radiology

Megan Nimke, PharmD - Pharmacy

Hillary Ross, RN CNP - Hospitalist

Non-employed Professional Staff

Jessica Axmacher, MD - Diagnostic Consulting Radiologists

Micaela Chatman, MD - Neurology, Minnesota Epilepsy Group

Rebecca Doege, MD - Partners in Pediatrics

Christina Herrmann, CRNA - Associated Anesthesiologists

Kassi Jillson, RN CNP - Gillette Pediatric Neurology

Carmen Lammeier, DMD - Tailwind Pediatric Dentistry

Amy Moeller, MD - U of M Orthopedics

Shannon Nolan, MD - Southdale Pediatric Associates

Rabia Qaiser, MD - Neurosurgical Associates

Judy Reitmeyer-Hunt, RN CNP - Pediatric Surgical Associates

Randal Richardson, MD - Gillette Pediatric Neurology

Megan Stalpes, MD - Southdale Pediatric Associates

August 2013

Children's Professional Staff

Virginia Dale, MD - Pathology

Amy Gisslen, PharmD - Pharmacy

Erin King, MD - Hospitalist

Marit Knutson, MD - Hospitalist

Anne-Marie Priebe, DO - Gynecology

Yanerys Ramos, MD - Radiology, Neuroradiology

Anne Seaton, LICSW - Social Work, Clinical

Douglas Turk, LICSW - Social Work, Clinical

Non-employed Professional Staff

John Berestka, MD, Northwest Eye Clinic

John Boone, MD, Minneapolis Otolaryngology

Annelisa Carlson, MD, Radiology Diagnostic Consulting Radiologists

Srinath Chinnakotla, MD, U Of M - Surgery

Elsa Fiebiger, DO, Southdale Pediatric Associates

Jessica Stafford Draper, RN, CNP, U of M - Urology

Benjamin Novak, MD, Gillette Childrens

David Parke III, MD, Vitreo Retinal Surgery

Sara Romanski, RN, CNP, DNP, Pediatric Surgical Associates

Michael Samara, MD, Minneapolis Heart Institute

Damon Shearer, DO, Diagnostic Consulting Radiologists

July 2013

Children’s Professional Staff

Tiffanie Drevecky, RN, CNP - ENT & Facial Plastic Surg

Christopher Dunne, MD - Endocrinology

Kelsey Everson, RN, CNP - Emergency

Amy Hou, MD - Pediatric Surgical Associates

Maureen Jaqua, DO - Hospitalist

Meysam Kebriaei, MD - Nerosurgery

Karen Larsen, MD - Pathology

Rhamy Magid, MD - General Pediatric Clinic

Laura Mickelson, RN, CRNA, DNP - Anesthesia

Ali Mokhtarzadeh, MD, U of M - Eye Clinic

Yana Nagle, MD - Pathology

Randolph Peterson, MD - Emergency

Katherine Tumilty, MD - Metropolitan Pediatric Specialists

Michael Wilson, LICSW - Social Work

June 2013

Children’s Professional Staff

Megan Borgos, RN CNP - NICU

Jeff Bouman, PharmD – Pharmacy

Philip Dech, MD – General Pediatric Clinic

Tammy Doll, LICSW – Social Work

Kristen Forseth, RN, CNP – NICU

Craig Hansen, PharmD – Pharmacy

Maggie Justen, LICSW – Social Work

Jennifer McNamara, RN, CNP – NICU

Kathryn Nippert, PharmD – Pharmacy

Avni Novotny, PharmD – Pharmacy

Kellie Rademacher, PharmD – Pharmacy

Nicole Sellin, LICSW – Social Work

Emily Utech, RN, CNP – NICU

Nancy VanHorne, LICSW – Social Work

Non-employed Professional Staff

Catherine Chadwick, MD - Partners in Pediatrics

Kathryn Douglass, RN, CNP - South Lake Pediatrics

Andrea Gravley, RN, CNP - South Lake Pediatrics

Elizabeth Hass, RN, CNP - South Lake Pediatrics

Amber Houge, RN, CRNA - Associated Anesthesiologists

Kathryn Klein, RN, CRNA, DNP - Associated Anesthesiologists

Nicole Martens, RN, CNP - South Lake Pediatrics

Maria McGannon, RN, CNP - South Lake Pediatrics

Douglas McMahon, MD - Midwest Allergy and Asthma

Carolyn Solberg, RN, CNP - Partners in Pediatrics

Trudie Sprenkle, MD - Partners in Pediatrics

Tamara Whyte-Kasmarik, RN, CNP - South Lake Pediatrics

Patricia Zajac, RN, CNP - South Lake Pediatrics

May 2013

Nicolle Ahles-Moses, RN CNP - Children's, Neurology

Patricia Callahan, PharmD - Children's, Pharmacy

Gina Davis, LICSW - Children's, Social Work

Brandy Jefferson, RN, CRNA - Associated Anesthesiologists

Michael Lockwood, RN, CRNA - Associated Anesthesiologists

Heather Maracle, PharmD - Children's, Pharmacy

Adesola Oni, LICSW - Children’s, Social Work

Lisa Phifer, MD - Pediatrics, United Family Practice

Teresa Puff, LICSW - Children’s, Social Work

Shannon Welsh, RN CRNA - Associated Anesthesiologists

Jennifer Worley, RN, CNP - Children's, Trauma Team

April 2013

Jade Bender, PhD, LP, Pediatrics, Psychology, Children's - Eating Disorders

Kevan Cahow, DDS, Surgery, Dentistry, Midwest Dental Eagan

Lawrence Cisek, MD, PhD, Pediatric Urology, U of M - Urology

Anna DePomolo, MD, Pediatrics, Children's - Emergency Medicine, Fellowship

Shelly DeVore, LICSW, Social Work, Children's - Social Work

Angela Drummond, RN, CNP, Orthopedic Surgery, Gillette Children's Specialty

Daryll Dykes, MD, Spine Surgery, Midwest Spine Center

Allison Goulson, RN, CNP, Partners in Pedatrics

Charles Kim, MD, HealthPartners - Ophthalmology

Deborah Kuehn, RN, CNP, Neonatology, Childrens - Mercy/Unity

Mara Liss, MD, Wayzata Children's Clinic

Gillian Luscri, MD, Pediatrics, Park Nicollet - Burnsville

Kristin McCullough, RN, CNS, Neonatology, Children's - NICU

Jennifer Pratt, DO, Pediatrics, Children's - Hospitalist

Kara Seaton, MD, Pediatrics, Children's - Emergency Medicine, Fellowship

Alyssa Snow, PA-C Orthopedic Surgery, Summit Orthopedics

Laura Solyntjes, MD Pediatrics, South Lake Pediatrics

Suzanne Strauss, RN, CNP, Partners in Pediatrics

March 2013

Paul Atkinson, MD, Pediatrics Neurology Minnesota Epilepsy Group

Courtney Carroll, RN, CRNA DNP, Surgery, AnesthesiologyAssociated Anesthesiologists

Keri Conway, RN, CNP, Partners in Pedatrics

Emily Eggebrecht, DDS Surgery, Children's Dental Services

Geoffrey Emerson, MD PhD, Surgery, Retina Center

John Lesser, MD, Critical Care Cardiology, Minneapolis Heart Institute

Andrea Saugstad, RN CNP, Critical Care, Neonatology, Childrens - Mercy/Unity

Mark Stanley, DDS, Surgery, Dentistry, Children's Dental Services

Craig Zlimen, RN CNP, Critical Care, Neonatology, Childrens - Mercy/Unity

For information on credentialing opportunities, call 612-813-6121 or 651-220-6571.