Change to PACS system treatment of outside imaging studies

An ever-increasing number of imaging studies are performed at outside institutions and later imported into the Children's PACS system. Until now, Children’s has attached a report to these exams in the PACS system stating that the exam was performed at an outside institution, and that one should contact the outside institution for the report. As of October, however, Children’s will begin scanning radiology reports from the outside institution so that the report can be viewed as an image in the PACS system when viewing the exam. Many of these exams arrive with printed or electronic versions of the report. 

For patients transferred to Children’s to receive emergent care with same day/recent exams unaccompanied by a report, members of the radiology department staff will assume responsibility for obtaining the reports. 

For exams imported on a more routine basis, such as for patients seen at Children's outpatient clinics (often with multiple outside exams), Children’s will require that the referring service assume responsibility for providing the outside reports when the exams are submitted for import. 

This new process should improve the efficiency and accuracy of information sharing from outside imaging reports. The outside reports will be imported regardless of whether a second interpretation is performed by a Children's radiologist.