Children’s Home Care Synagis Program offers expertise, consistency

RSV is the No. 1 cause of hospitalization in babies under one year of age in the U.S. Children's Home Care Synagis Program offers a coordinated process for the administration of Synagis, the only FDA-approved medication to help protect preemies and other high-risk infants from RSV.

For more than 40 years, the Children's Home Care Synagis Program has provided experienced and trained staff in the assessment and care of infants and children. Patients and parents benefit from the expertise of skilled pediatric nurses — the same nurse on every visit — who administer the medication on a monthly basis.

The program serves infants who meet the AAP criteria for Synagis administration and provides:

Pediatric expertise

  •  Experienced pediatric nurses for assessment of infants and parent support
  •  Medication from Children's Home Care Pharmacy with oversight by pediatric specialists
  •  Medicare certified and Joint Commission accredited

Support for parents

  •  Intake staff who obtain prior authorization from payers and communicate with families about financial obligations
  •  Consistent staff for continuity of care and improved family satisfaction
  •  Immediate communication with physician if concerns identified

Support for physicians and clinics

  •  Synagis care coordinator Monday through Friday for planning of clinic-specific needs
  •  Authorizations are coordinated by Children's home care pharmacy
  •  Assistance to clinics in identifying appropriate vendor as determined by payers
  •  Fax back confirmation
  •  A new and expanded service area. Please call for information

Please call Children's Home Care for more information about the Synagis program at 612-813-6670.