Children’s Sleep Center expands capacity

Sleep Center story image 200x143Children's Sleep Center specializes in the diagnosis, testing and clinical interventions for the full spectrum of pediatric sleep disorders, including difficulty falling or staying asleep, breathing difficulties while sleeping, and challenges related to waking and staying awake.

Newly expanded and located at Children's – St. Paul, the sleep center includes:

Full-service sleep clinic
Children's sleep clinic provides a comprehensive outpatient clinical evaluation by one of our physicians or our pediatric nurse practitioner who are experts in sleep disorders. The evaluation includes:

  • detailed sleep history
  • general medical history
  • complete social history
  • physical examination

Advanced diagnostic sleep lab
Children's six-bed sleep lab conducts closely monitored overnight sleep tests seven nights a week. The lab is staffed by experienced sleep technologists who are also respiratory therapists with additional training and certification.

As one of the only pediatric-centered programs in the region, Children's Sleep Center has expanded to serve the growing demand for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.

For direct referral to our sleep lab for testing, please complete the online form.