New RBC transfusion indication codes

Effective February 2013, there will be new Transfusion Indication codes for Red Blood cells (RBC). These evidence based pediatric guidelines have been approved by the Transfusion Committee in collaboration with NICU, PICU, Heme-Onc, Surgery/Anesthesia, and CVCC.


24/7, in-house coverage for all patients St Paul Children’s Clinic patients

The St. Paul Children’s Clinic and Children’s Hospital Medicine team are now working together to provide 24-hour, in-house coverage for all patients admitted to the St Paul Children’s Clinic service.The St. Paul campus coverage was expanded to enhance safety, meet growing patient needs and to support Children’s trainees, as part of an effort to build toward a 24/7/365 hospitalist service. 


Eating Disorders adds staff and increases capability to care for all ages

Our Center for the Treatment of Eating Disorders has added to its staff and increased its capabilities to provide comprehensive care for patients of all ages. We have the ability to care for both children and adults in our clinic located on our Minneapolis campus. Now, if adult patients need to be hospitalized, we have a new collaboration with Abbott Northwestern Hospital to provide inpatient care. Children and adolescents requiring medical stabilization will continue to be cared for at Children’s.


Change to PACS system treatment of outside imaging studies

An ever-increasing number of imaging studies are performed at outside institutions and later imported into the Children's PACS system. Until now, Children’s has attached a report to these exams in the PACS system stating that the exam was performed at an outside institution, and that one should contact the outside institution for the report. As of October, however, Children’s will begin scanning radiology reports from the outside institution so that the report can be viewed as an image in the PACS system when viewing the exam. Many of these exams arrive with printed or electronic versions of the report. 


Pediatric Intensive Care Units

PICU room thumbChildren's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota has new Pediatric Intensive Care Units (PICU) on both our Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses. The PICU is where we care for the most critically ill children and provide the highest level of expertise with 24-hour in-house coverage by pediatric intensivists and primarily one-to-one pediatric nursing care by nurses skilled in high-intensity therapies and interventions, medication administration, and the latest technology. Learn more about our pediatric intensive care program and see what we offer to patients and families in our new units featuring all private patient rooms.