Safety and Quality Rap

Safety and quality improvements are not all hard work, although most of it is. As part of the Ohio Children's Hospitals Solutions for Patient Safety Collaborative, each participant was asked to prepare a video that furthered their efforts to improve safety.

We were fortunate to have Safety Dawg, aka Don Brunnquell, write a rap song for us. Although it was all in light-hearted fun, the text carries some important messages. It is shown below. Feel free to sing along.

Dr. Payne Safety Rap from Children's of Minnesota on Vimeo.

S.A.F.E. Q.I. R.A.P.

It's time to talk safety and a little QI,
You may say "What" and you may say "Why"
But human factors say it's true
That novel stimulation grabs on to you,
So sit back and listen to this jump and jive
To make QI come right alive.

You got your Swiss Cheese model and your sentinel event,
Near miss, patient harm, and your accident.
You got your blameless reporting, focused event review,
And full disclosure is what you do,
Got your OOPS report, Safety Action Team,
Critical Incident Debriefing is real clean,

Got your checklist, and two identifiers,
Got your look-alike-and-sound-alike meds on fire,
No trailing zeros on the decimal point,
No verbal orders, they miss the point.

We move right on to infection control,
And ask for whom that bell may toll,
Good hand hygiene is your main plan,
Universal precautions are a wrap like saran,
Gowns, and gloves and eye protection,
All help reduce iatrogenic infection,
Red bag that waste and box those sharps,
Or you could be playing on your golden harps,
Read all the warnings on allergies,
And cover your cough up when you sneeze,
Don't forget that you should be immune
So vaccinations are a sweet, sweet tune,

Mark those sites on Santa Claus,
Crew resource management is the word
For communication that's always heard.
The leader must bust down hierarchy
So tell the team they should speak free.
And always be ready to STOP THE LINE,
You do your part and you'll feel fine,

Now you're understandin' just what I mean,
So let's rap on QI and a bit on LEAN,
Everybody knows PDCA
That data is the quality way,
Variation is the root of evil,
And standardization is the cure primeval,
So try to get to standard work,
Simplify process, never shirk,
Do a run chart for standard deviation,
And analyze without cessation,
Benchmark find that cause and effect,
You'll root out every old defect,
Fishbone, make a frequency chart,
Find an outcome measure that's really smart,
Tackle that waste at every turn,
And a daily huddle will help you learn,

Failure Mode Effects Analysis
Will lead you from your old paralysis,
From hindsight bias you shall be free,
Confirmation, expectation and recency
No framing effects in what you see,
You've found reliability.
6 sigma is the long term goal,
With daily engagement you're on a roll.
As an HRO you'll always fly,
With S A F E and TY!