Children’s - Minneapolis 6th Floor Inpatient Medical/Surgical Unit

The 6th Floor is a 33-bed medical/surgical unit. Our specialties are the care of pediatric patients with eating disorders, Cystic Fibrosis, medical and surgical neurology, secondary diabetes, and urology diseases. We also care for a wide range of patients with respiratory, digestive and ENT diseases.

We are committed to providing family-centered care for our patients and their families.

We work closely with our interdisciplinary team for our medical and surgical patients.

6th Floor has a unique approach to care delivery that we call Team Care, which is an acronym for: Together Everyone Accomplishes the Most Communication Accountability Respect Encouragement. This approach is staff-directed by our committee called Team Care, with the opportunity for input from all 6th Floor staff. One of the main features of Team Care is that our nurses are able to choose their own assignments, which provides greater continuity of care for our patients and a greater sense of autonomy for our nurses.