gabe twins
Celebrating Gabe's new pacemaker
by meeting MN Twins player,
Justin Morneau.

Just a few short months ago, Gabriel took the stage and shared his musical talents of playing the drums with a filled auditorium.

You would have never suspected that 12 years earlier, only two weeks after he was born, Gabe was in total heart failure due to an undiagnosed multiple congenital heart defects. He spent years going through surgeries, check-ups and echocardiograms at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. And six years ago, he underwent open heart surgery followed by the placement of a permanent pacemaker.

Gabe’s grandmother, Jeanne Wyatt, was a nurse for many years and was committed to “restoring the pure joy that is reflected in the eyes of a healthy child.” Wyatt was so touched by the care and comfort Gabe and their entire family received while at Children’s that she was inspired to renew her commitment she made as a nurse. By making an endowed gift, she would ensure that “joy is reflected in the eyes of all children, now and in the future.”

Gabe, at 2 years old with his
first drum.

The Heart of Gabriel Endowment Fund is providing Children’s with a permanent source of income that will support patients, their families, professional staff and important programming related to the cardiovascular program. In an endowment, the principle gift is earning an annual interest income which is utilized for the specified purpose. The principle gift amount is never used and remains everlasting to help in providing a secure future and growth within the designated program. Find out more about the planned giving program at Children’s.

Now 12, Gabe wears his scars as a badge of honor. And as he practices drums at home, he is a constant reminder to his grandmother and the rest of his family that, thanks to the commitment of amazing nurses and doctors at Children’s, “the beat goes on…”