Children's is kicking off our 2013 Employee Giving Campaign in less than one month! In preparation, we're going to be sharing one story every week about what our employees think is great about Children's and why they choose to give back.

Kanne Seth smallSeth Kanne

I've been working for Star Studio at Children's for 6+ years. I feel pretty darn fortunate to have the job I have and work at a place like Children's. That's why I give back through a recurring payroll deduction. It's really easy because I don't have to do anything - it just comes out automatically. I know it isn't much, but it's the least I can do for an organization that has been so good to so many families, including my own. Star Studio gets a lot of support through philanthropy, so this is my way to keep the good will circulating.

Freeman lynn smallLynn Freeman

I have many roles at Children’s including a concierge and backup program assistant in the Family Resource Center, a backup cashier and a casual employee on the Kohl's Cares and Children's Flu Prevention Project.

My favorite thing at Children's that is supported by Philanthropy is Cancer Kids Fund. My son is a five-year survivor of cancer and was treated at the Hem/Onc Clinic. His team there was amazing!

I choose to support Children’s because the mission here is one that I truly believe in. I have been a member of The Children's Association - Minneapolis since 1987 and have served as President of the Association in 2007 and held various other Board positions. My husband and I have financially supported the Star Gala, Pain and Palliative Care program and, of course, The Association. I contribute to the Association with time and money through a payroll deduction.

Other organizations we have supported is St. Jude's, Alzheimer’s Association and Leukemia/Lymphoma Society. Honestly, though, 90% of our philanthropy goes to Children's.

wang barbBarbara Wang

I have been a 6th floor nurse at Children's - Minneapolis for 27 years. Because of Children's, I have had the resources to support my family, as well as prepare for my retirement. And I have an awesome group of co-workers and friends!

It's great that Children's has this campaign to make us all aware of how important it is to give back - to the hospital, to the kids, and to the community. I appreciate help given to those who are financially challenged. I had a niece, as well as many patients through the years, who received help from Charity Care, so that is one of my favorite things supported by philanthropy. In my giving, I also support Global Health Ministries, an organization that collects and sends medical supplies to less fortunate countries around the world.

Children's is such an asset to our community. May we all treasure the vision and the resources that we have in this very special place for kids!

Chawla GigiDr. Gigi Chawla

I serve many roles here at Children’s including working in our general pediatric clinic and within the hospital and serve as the medical/surgical director.

I am so proud of the work that we all do, everyday. The way we respect patients and our family-centered approach to healthcare is something we can all be proud of. That is why I choose to donate my unused PTO hours back to programs like Charity Care. Through this program, Children's is able to provide necessary items, like prescription medications, to families that don’t have insurance or can’t afford their medication. It is my hope that we can continue to improve and grow our life-changing programs.

In addition to supporting Children’s, I also support other causes that are important to me including the arts in the Twin Cities, GLTB organizations and dental services for underserved kids in their schools.

Branson NathanNathan Branson

I have worked in Children’s Biomed department for six years where I help to repair and maintain the medical equipment at both the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses, along with all of our clinics.

I choose to support Children’s because it makes me feel good to help out kids in need. I support Children’s by donating PTO and participating in events. I’ve attended HeartBeat 5000, the 5K run/walk that benefits the cardiovascular care program for the last few years. And as a department, Biomed collects candy at Halloween to handout to the kids in the hospital and collect school supplies at the beginning of the school year.