For Children’s cancer and blood disorders patients, support from generous people in our community makes a big difference in their healing journeys. From comfy private treatment rooms to end of therapy parties, the generosity of people like you has a lasting impact for patients and families at Children’s!

In addition to helping current patients, gifts to Children’s support research efforts that focus on finding answers that improve outcomes and lead to cures for future pediatric cancer patients.


Through the generosity of many supporters, Children’s cancer researchers have been able to:

  • Identify a genetic link to pleuropulmonary blastoma (PPB), a rare childhood lung cancer that, when detected and treated early, dramatically increases a child’s chance of survival.
  • Partner with Children’s National Medical Center and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to establish an international Ovarian and Testicular Stromal Tumor registry. The registry enables researchers to collect clinical data that will lead to more effective treatments for patients diagnosed with these rare tumors.
  • Study the ways that physical therapy can help lessen the negative effects of chemotherapy on kids’ muscles, bones and nerves, helping to foster a better overall outcome for patients.

The community’s support of Children’s cancer research efforts is changing lives! Check out 7-year-old Alex’s story to read firsthand how research is curing cancer that just years ago would have been untreatable.