Snapshot: Children’s in 2012

129 childs 3-30-2010

On the Voice for Kids blog we often share the stories of how public policy affects real families (like these stories from Maria and Suzanne) and we report on legislation that affects kids’ health. Today, we want to take some time to look at Children’s by the numbers because it provides a greater sense of why advocacy is so important.

Every year the staff, medical professionals and volunteers at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota provide high-quality, specialty pediatric care to kids in our state and region. Here is a snapshot of the breadth of our services:

Geography of care

  • We cared for 128,047 individual patients.
  • We saw kids from every county in Minnesota.
  • These patients also came from 61 percent of the counties in Wis., Iowa, N.D. and S.D.

Services at Children’s

  • We handled 90,763 visits to our Emergency Department.
  • We performed 23,997 surgical procedures.
  • We had 12,586 inpatient admissions.
  • We ran 1,063,814 lab tests.

Cultural and family-centered care

Research and education

  • We welcomed 398 residents and fellows.
  • There were 404 active research and sponsored programs.
  • We participated in 258 clinical trials.
  • We produced 60 peer-reviewed publications.

Health insurance revenue

  • Government sponsored programs (e.g., Medicaid) accounted for 41.5 percent of revenue.
  • Negotiated payers (private insurance) made up 51.4 percent of revenue.

You can be a voice for kids!

At Children’s we treat every child that comes to us, regardless of a family’s ability to pay. We need you to advocate for the public policies that make this care possible. Will you sign up to be a voice for kids?

If you’re already on our list, you can also encourage your friends, family and colleagues to join. Help us make a difference for kids’ health in 2013!