Earlier this morning there was a fire at the Chicago Deli, a business that neighbors our Minneapolis campus. There was no damage to our facilities and, most importantly, no Children's patients, families or staff were harmed. The smoke did impact our facilities closest to the Chicago Deli. Infection prevention and environmental services are working together to monitor air quality and clean and assess rooms and equipment affected by smoke and residue.

All areas of the Minneapolis hospital and Emergency Department are open, with the exception of elective surgery and radiology which have been postponed or redirected for the day. Areas within Children's Specialty Center will begin to re-open as air quality improves and as equipment and supplies are evaluated. Here is a current status of what areas are open.


  • Adolescent Health

  • Radiology outpatient

  • Children's Heart Clinic

  • Children's ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery clinic

  • Pediatric Gynecology

  • Outpatient lab 

  • Orthopedic and Trauma clinics

  • Development and Rehab

  • Minneapolis general pediatric clinic

  • Pharmacy

Closed for the day:

  • Hematology/Oncology, Vascular Anomalies Center

  • Children's Respiratory and Critical Care Services

  • Pediatric Surgical Associates

  • Fourth floor specialty clinics

        • Genetics

        • Developmental Pediatrics/ Down Syndrome Clinic

        • Endocrinology/Diabetes Clinic – Minneapolis patients have been rescheduled to St. Paul

        • Nephrology Clinic

We are making every effort to notify all impacted patient families. If a clinic is not listed here, or if you receive any have questions, please contact your clinic directly. We will continue to share updates on this site and Facebook as things change.