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allyAlly is in 10th grade. She enjoys swimming, reading, drawing, and anything related to dogs. In fact, she was so inspired by the Therapy Dog teams at Children's, that she is currently training her own dog for therapy work. After spending a lot of time at Children's, Ally hopes to help make Children's a better place for the children who have to visit here.

alyAly is a high school senior this year. She is on the dance team at her high school. Aly likes to hang out with friends and bake. She joined the Youth Advisory Council because she had such a great experience at Children's when her brother and sister were in the hospital. "Everyone was so nice and helpful." Aly wants to help everyone to have that same experience.

Andrew Andrew is a 9th grader who likes to snowboard and play baseball. He joined the Youth Advisory Council so he could help the hospital with what they need.

angela Angelina is in 7th grade. She dances and is into art. She joined Children's Youth Advisory Council to help kids feel more comfortable at the hospital.

carter "I'm in seventh grade, just started middle school. I'm in band, I play the trumpet. I enjoy playing tennis and golf and I love history." Carter joined YAC to make children's a more comfortable place for patients.

danielaDaniela is in 11th grade this year.  She is athletic and enjoys basketball, soccer and loves science.  Daniela joined the Youth Advisory Council to help Children's be a better place for children to stay when they need to come to the hospital.

espenEspen is an 9th grade student and unicyclist in Circus Juventas. He speaks German and Norweigian (in addition to English!), and likes to draw and read.  "I want to help make a stay at the hospital more enjoyable for others."

julia"I'm in 8th grade. I love to read. I also do ballet and play the violin. I do Girl Scouts and babysitting too. I want to be a pediatric cardiologist when I grow up. I joined YAC after my own health problems that started on day 1. After hospitalization in 2013, I applied to the Youth Advisory Council. I want to make Children's an even better place. "

masonMason is a 15 year old high school freshman at Eden Prairie High School.  He has been in a Spanish Immersion program for the past 9 years. He plays defensive tackle and offensive running back. He wanted to be part of the Youth Advisory Council to share the sibling perspective of care at Children's. His little sister Katie, was born extremely prematurely. She weighed just 1 pound and was hospitalized for 99 days. Mason is in his 4th year with YAC and enjoys making a positive difference for patients and families served at Children's. "I also did my Eagle project for Scouts at Children's Hospital."

Mike 4Mike is in the 11th grade this year. His interests and hobbies include magic, engineering, and golf.  He is also part of the robotics club. Mike joined the Youth Advisory Council to help make the hospital a less scary place for kids. Mike's favorite quote when he was in the hospital was "Tough times never last, but tough people do!!!" also, "Hey watch the hair-do, BALD IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!" 

OliverOliver is in 11th grade this year. He plays soccer and would like to try lacrosse. Oliver likes video games and living life on the edge. "I joined the Youth Advisory Council to make the hospital a more comfortable place to stay."


"I'm now a senior in high school! I play adapted soccer, hockey and softball. I love sports! I'm very excited about this year of YAC and of course senior year! Children's has had such a huge impact on my life, so I just want to make an impact and make it a better place to be for everyone!"



Tafari is in 10th grade. He likes to read Greek mythology. Tafari is in his school's choir and is in the National Junior Honor Society. "I'm looking forward to sharing my ideas with the hospital."

Taly"I am 16 years old and I am a sophmore at Roseville High School. I've been a member of YAC for 6 years. I am also into tennis and making music. I joined the Youth Advisory Council to help the hospital be a less-feared place for kids. The hospital has made lots of great improvements but it can still be scary at times. I want the patients here to feel as comfortable as they can." 


Will is in 12th grade.  He enjoys playing soccer and basketball as well as tennis after school. He also plays Ultimate Frisbee!!! Will joined the Youth Advisory Council to be part of a group to help other people.

yesicaYesica is in 8th grade this year. She really likes to write poetry and dance. Yesica enjoys volunteering here at Children's and other hospitals to help children in need. She joined the Youth Advisory Council because it sounded fun and she wanted to give back to the children here.