Child Life Internship Program

Thank you for your interest in the Child Life Internship Program of Children's Hospitals and Clinics. We have two main campuses, one in Minneapolis and one in St. Paul. We offer one full time (40 hour/week) 14-week placement to undergraduate students in their senior year, three times per year. We also accept post-graduate (independent) students and those in Master's programs.

Our application deadlines and process follow the recommendations of the Child Life Council:


Application Deadline

Offer Date

Acceptance Date


 May 5

Second Tuesday
of June

Second Wednesday
of June


 Sept. 5

Second Tuesday
of October

Second Wednesday
of October

(late May – August)

 Jan. 5

Second Tuesday
of February

Second Wednesday
of February

We will NOT offer a Fall 2015 session. 

Please note: You will not be notified upon receipt of your application. Use mail/shipping options if you require delivery confirmation.

Here are links to more information about the program and application materials.

  • Program Information. Contains information about the internship and our selection criteria.
  • Program Application
  • Memorandum of Agreement. The contract between Children's Hospitals and Clinics must be reviewed and approved by your institution's legal department or administrative offices. We encourage you to submit this document for immediate review. If you are accepted into the internship program, the contract will need to be finalized prior to your start date. You do not need to include the contract with your application materials. It is only required if you are accepted.
  • Internship Opportunities

Other information prospective students need to review:

Please complete the application form and return it, along with the requisite supporting documents to:

Diane Dingley, MS, CCLS
Children's Hospitals and Clinics
Child Life Department MS 32-7210
2525 Chicago Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Children's always receives a large number of applications for internships. You will not be notified upon receipt of your application. Because we accept a limited number of students at one time, we recommend you apply for an internship at more than one hospital.