Carlson, Nancy. My Family Is Forever. Viking, 2004. A young girl tells how she became part of an adopted family. Being part of a family isn't about who you look like or even where you're born, it's about the special love that binds you together. Ages 3 – 8.

Cole, Joanna. How I Was Adopted. Harper Trophy, c 1999. Excellent background on adoption within the context of a happy energetic child growing up in a happy home. Ages 3 - 6.

Curtis, Jamie Lee. Tell Me again About the Night I Was Born. Harper Collins, c 2000. A little girl begs to hear about the night she was born and then joyously supplies all the details herself. A delightful adoption story. Ages Baby - 5.

Giannetti, Charlene C. Who Am I? And Other Questions of Adopted Kids. Price Stern Sloan, c 1999. Objective and reassuring answers to preteens and teens questions about being adopted. Ages 11 up.

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Thomas, Eliza. The Red Blanket. Scholastic Press, 2004. A woman travels to China to adopt four month old Pan Pan. Together they work at becoming a family. Ages 3 – 8.