Child Abuse

Behm, Barbara. Tears of Joy. Wayward Pub., c 1999. Carly withdraws until finally she talks to a school counselor about being inappropriately touched. Helps included at the end of the book. Ages 4 – 8.

Clifton, Lucille. One of the Problems of Everett Anderson. Henry Holt & Co., c 2001. Everett notices bruises and scars on his new friend and doesn't know what to do. He finally tells his mother who helps him. Ages 4 – 8.

Roberts, Willo Davis. Don't Hurt Laurie. EconoClad Books,. Reprint 1999. Fiction. Laurie is physically abused by her mother. Ages 10 – 16.

Stanek, Muriel. Don't Hurt Me, Mama. Albert Whitman & Co., 1987. A kind and sensitive school nurse sees that a young victim of child abuse and her abusing mother get help. Ages 4 – 8.