Deafness/Hearing Impaired

(also see Sign Language)

Heelan, Jamee Riggio. Can You Hear a Rainbow?: The Story of a deaf Boy named Chris. Peachtree Pub., 2002. Chris explains how he uses sign language, hearing aids, lip reading, and other visual clues. Ages 4 – 8.

Lakin, Patricia. Dad and me in the morning. Concept Books, c 1994. A deaf child and his father share a special time as they watch the sunrise at the beach. Ages 4 - 7.

Millman, Isaac. Moses Goes to School. Farrar, Frances Foster Books, 2000. A comforting story describing the first day of school at a public school for the deaf where Moses uses ASL to communicate. Ages 5 - 9.

Peterson, Jeanne Whitehouse. I Have A Sister, My Sister Is Deaf. EconoClad Books, c 1999. A young deaf child who loves to run and jump and play is affectionately described by her older sister. Ages 4-8.

Sawyer, David R. HearBear discovers a world of sound. Siemens Hearing Instruments, Piscataway, NJ, c 2007. A bear, who is not hearing well, visits an audiologist, gets fitted for hearing aids, and discovers a world of sounds. Ages 3 – 6.