Emotions/Feelings - Stress

Culbert, Timothy, M. D. Be the Boss of Your Stress. Free Spirit Publishing, 2007. Includes skills and activities that can help the reader deal with stress and feel better. Ages 9 up.

Moser, Adolph. Don't Pop Your Cork on Mondays!: the Children's Anti-Stress Book  Landmark Editions, Inc., c 1988. Explores the causes and effects of stress in a fun way and offers practical approaches and techniques for dealing with stress. Ages 5-12.

Packard, Gwen K. Coping With Stress. Rosen Pub. Group, 1997. A discussion of why teenagers may face stress and what they can do about it. Techniques are offered for certain situations. Ages 11 – 17.

Van Duyne, Sara. Stress and Anxiety–Related Disorders. Enslow Pub., Inc., June 2003. Factual.
Ages 9 – 12.