Hospitalization – Fiction

Bemelmans, Ludwig. Madeline. Viking Press, 1977. This book uses rhyme to describe Madeline's trip to the hospital by ambulance and the showing of her scar after her appendectomy. It has little about actual hospital experiences, but it is a much loved classic. Ages 4-8.

Bennet, Howard J., M. D. Harry Goes to the Hospital: A Story for Children About What It's Like to Be in the Hospital. Magination Press, 2008. Ages 4 – 8.

Bond, Michael. Paddington Bear Goes To The Hospital. Harper Collins, 2002. Paddinton Bear has hurt his arm and has an overnight stay in the hospital. He discovers that the hospital isn't so scarey. Ages 4 – 7.

Bourgeois, Paulette. Franklin Goes to The Hospital. Scholastic, c 2000. Franklin's shell gets cracked in a soccer game and he goes to the hospital to hve a pin inserted to allow the shell to grow properly. Ages 4 – 8.

Bridwell, Norman. Clifford Visits the Hospital. Cartwheel Books, 2000. (Also available in Spanish.) Ages 4-7.

Civardi, Anne. Going To The Hospital (First Experiences) EDC Publ., c 2001. Ages Baby - Preschool.

Dooley, Virginia. Tubes in My Ears: My Trip to the Hospital. Mondo, Greenvale, NY, c 1996. A boy describes what happens when he goes to the hospital to have tubes put in his ears. Ages 5 - 9.

Jaworski, Anna Marie. My Brother Needs An Operation. Baby Hearts Press, FL, c 1999. Joey's little brother goes to the hospital for surgery and Joey experiences alot of emotions. This book is good for use in comforting the unhospitalized sibling. Ages 4 -8.

Karim, Roberta. This is a Hospital, Not a Zoo. Clarion Books, 2002. A very humorous story about Filbert MacFee's stay in the hospital. Ages 6-10.

Mills, Claudia. Gus and Grandpa at the Hospital. Sunburst, 2001. Gus' grandfather has a heart attack and is in the hospital. Gus is afraid to visit, but once he does he is fascinated with the hospital equipment and enjoys visiting until Grandpa comes home. Ages 6-10.

Rey, Margaret. Curious George Goes to the Hospital. Houghton Mifflin, 1966. George swallows a puzzle piece and has to have it removed surgically. Humorous. Ages 4-10.

Slegers, Liesbet. Kevin Goes to the Hospital. Kane/Miller Book Pub., c 2002. Kevin hits his head and goes to the hospital in an ambulance. He stays overnight for observation. Simple text and pictures. Preschool.

Tucker, Kelly. I'm Not Afraid Of Needles. Kidstalk, 2005. Six year old Skyler takes the reader on a tour of what she sees and does when she goes to the hospital. Ages 4 – 6.

Watson, Kim. A Trip to The Hospital (Little Bill Series). Simon Spotlight, c 2001. Nicely done. Ages 3 – 6.