Premature Infants

Amadeo, Diana M. My Baby Sister Is a Preemie. ZonderKidz, 2005. Sarah does not understand what is going on until a nurse explains the tubes and wires. Written from a Christian perspective. Ages 4 - 8.

Collins, Pat Lowery. Waiting for Baby Joe. A. Whitman, c 1990. Text and photographs describe what happens when Missy's brother is born prematurely and needs special care in the hospital, disrupting family routines and causing Missy to feel confused and left out. Ages 4 - 8.

Lafferty, Lida. Born Early: A Premature Baby's Story for Children. Songbird Pub., 1994. This award winning book follows baby Carrie from her premature birth to her homecoming. Lengthy text but well done with black and white photos. Ages 5 - 10. Limited Availability.

Pankow, Valerie. No Bigger Than My Teddy Bear. Family Books, 2004. A little boy describes how the hospital staff provided care for his premature baby brother. Ages 4 – 8. Limited Availability.

Wojahn, Rebecca Hogue. Evan Early. Woodbine House, 2006. When Natalie's baby brother is born too soon, she tries to wait patiently to teach him everything he will need to know, but she misses her parents and begins to resent the time they spend with him at the hospital. Good questions and answers in the back of the book. Ages 4 – 8.