For Child Care Providers and Foster Parents

In 2001, a licensing regulation was established in Minnesota that requires all licensed child care providers to have training in SIDS Risk Reduction. Since this mandated training, the SIDS rate in Minnesota licensed child care settings has declined from
40% to approximately 9%. In 2005, mandated training was extended to include foster care providers as well. Research has shown that caregivers can lower the risk of SIDS
by following safe sleep practices and licensing requirements.

Questions and answers about SIDS

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
Healthy Child Care America

  • Child care providers guide to safe sleep [PDF] [Español]

  • Safe Sleep Practices, SIDS Risk Reduction, and Suffocation Prevention [PDF]
    Includes safe sleep practice standards from Caring for Our Children, 3rd Edition. It is meant
    to be used as a convenient reference guide for safe sleep practices for child care and early
    education caregivers and teachers, parents/guardians, state regulators and policy makers,
    and health consultants, trainers, and other health professionals.

  • Back to Sleep for Babies in foster Care Every Time, with Every Caregiver [PDF] [Español]
    For judges or caseworkers to provide to all caregivers involved in a baby’s care (including
    foster parents and birth parents) to educate them about safe sleep, and pledge to follow the
    proper safe sleep practices. For more resources on foster care, visit Healthy Foster Care America.

  • New Crib Standards (December 2012) [PDF]

"Reducing the risk of SIDS" training curriculum

Minnesota legislative statute requires that staff of child care centers, family child care programs, and foster care providers receive training on SIDS risk reduction when first licensed and once every five years after that.

  • Curriculum for training child care providers and foster parents
  • Training curriculum order form (PDF)

Minnesota Sessions Laws

  • Minnesota Sessions Laws 2009 Human Services Licensing
  • Parent Directive for Infant Sleep Position (PDF)