Child Abuse & Neglect

Midwest Children's Resource Center

(651) 220-6750

Services offered

Telephone consultation available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for child protection and law enforcement agencies, physicians, therapists, attorneys, and concerned parents.

  • Medical diagnosis, psychological assessment, and treatment for children affected by physical abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect and their families.
  • Training for professionals interested in expanding their knowledge and skills in medical evaluations, interviewing children, psychological assessment, and treating abused children.
  • Shaken baby syndrome prevention project, a community education and public awareness program, involves training volunteers to speak at schools, correctional facilities, and other gatherings about the dangers of shaking a baby.
  • First Steps volunteers work with expectant and new teen-age parents who give birth at United Hospital in St. Paul, to prevent child abuse.

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