Battery Safety Sheet:

Choking Infant (Up to 1 Year): Hmong, Spanish Steps to relieve choking. See also: Choking (Age 1 and Older), CPR

Choking (Age 1 and Older): Steps to relieve choking. See also: Choking Infant (Up to 1 Year), CPR

CPR (all ages): Steps to take if someone is not breathing and/or the heart has stopped. See also: Choking (Age 1 and Older)

 Describes undescended testicle and the surgery to repair it, what to expect, and how to care for a child who has had this surgery. See also: Pain in Children and Adolescents, Anesthesia: Questions and Answers, Post-anesthesia Care Unit

Frostbite: Spanish Damage to the skin and deeper tissues from exposure to the cold.

Head Injury: Hmong, Spanish What to watch for and what to do when a child's head is injured. See also: Traumatic Brain Injury: Effects on Speech

Head Injury with Bleeding Disorder: Spanish With a bleeding disorder, a head injury can be very serious. Instructions for what to watch for and what to do. See also: Factor Concentrate at Home, Desmopressin (DDAVP) for Bleeding Disorders, Desmopressin (Stimate)

Skin Care for a Child with Limited Mobility:

Wound Care: Hmong, Somali, Spanish How to care for stitches, cuts, and scrapes.