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Fleming, Virginia. Be good to Eddie Lee. Scott Foresman, 1997. Christy considers Eddie Lee a pest, but when he follows her into the woods he shares all sorts of beautiful plant/animal discoveries with her. Ages 6 - 10.

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Testa, Maria. Thumbs up, Rico! Albert Whitman & Co., Morton Grove, IL, c 1994. In three separate stories, a boy with Down syndrome makes a new friend, helps his sister with a difficult decision, and finally draws a picture he likes. Ages 7- 10.

Stuve-Bodeen, Stephanie. The Best Worst Brother. Woodbine House, 2005. A sequel to We'll Paint The Octopus Red follows the relationship between 3 year old Isaac and his older sister, Emma. Ages 4 – 8.

Stuve-Bodeen, Stephanie. We'll Paint The Octopus Red. Woodbine House, c 1998. Emma and her father discuss what they will do when the new baby arrives, and they discuss all the things the baby can still do when he is born with down syndrome. Ages 4 - 8.

Wood, June Rae. The Man Who Loved Clowns. Puffin Reissue, 2005. Debrita is ashamed of her uncle who has Downs Syndrome until a tragedy teaches her a valuable lesson about friendship. Ages 12 up.

Woloson, Eliza. My Friend Isabelle. Woodbine House. 2003. Charlie and Isabelle are friends. They both like to draw, read, etc. Isabelle has down syndrome and Charlie doesn't. But as Charlie explains, his mom says that differences are what make the world so great. Ages 4 – 8.