Rob Zupancich


Rob Zupancich is a graduate of the College of Pharmacy at South Dakota State University in Brookings, South Dakota. He graduated with the inaugural entry-level Doctor of Pharmacy class at the College in May of 1998.

Children' s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota is the only place that Rob has practiced as a pharmacist.

1998 to 1999 - Pharmacy Practice Resident

1999 to 2005 - Staff pharmacist in NICU/PICU

2005 to Present – Pharmacy Manager - Minneapolis

His favorite part of working at Children's is the organization's ability to attend to the promise of Delivering Next Generation Care. "We do this through the use of technology or next generation concepts in delivering that care to each successive generation of children we serve."

Rob's current areas of focus are pharmacy operations and technology. Another area of focus has been the utilization of Lean/Toyota Production System concepts for advancing pharmacy-processing efficiencies. Rob coordinated the remodel of the Minneapolis campus pharmacy, taking advantage of the efficiencies that Lean offers.

While residents do not have a formalized rotation with Rob, as manager of the pharmacy on the Minneapolis campus, Rob takes every opportunity to provide learning experiences for the residents in the operations aspects of pharmacy practice.

Rob is a member of ASHP and MSHP.