Find comfort and hope that Children's is on your side, providing the best care for your child and family

Emily's Story
By Debbie
Princeton, MN

Emily was born 5-1/2 weeks early in September 1988. Born with a diaphragmatic hernia, she was transferred to Minneapolis Children's when she was 1 hour old. At 4 hours of age, she was in surgery to repair the hernia. The surgery was successful at the capable hands of Children's staff.

As Emily recuperated for the next 30 days, Children's became our "home." I can't say enough about the wonderful care she received while there and the incredible support we received as a family. We are so blessed to have the Children's facilities in Minnesota!!

We know that there are a lot of tense times, anxiety, fears and doubts when a family has a child that requires care at Children's Hospital. We as a family wondered so many times if Emily was going to come home.

Twenty-one years later, we look back at all she has accomplished. Emily received Grand Champion awards in 4-H with her dog in obedience and her horses in gaming events. She lettered in varsity gymnastics in 7th grade. She was a cheerleader and is a member of the WPRA where she competes in professional rodeos barrel racing. She has traveled extensively throughout the United States with her horses, winning numerous awards. And now, she is presently going to college studying nursing.

NONE of this would have been possible without Children's Hospital. Families, do not be discouraged but find comfort and hope in the fact that Children's is on your side and providing nothing but the best care for your child and your family. GOD BLESS CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL!!!