Children's excellence helped me focus on my daughter; now I help others.

By Tina, a Children's Employee
Ramsey, MN

My very happy and healthy 3-year-old daughter always had trouble sleeping through the night. Finally, she was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. Dr. Levinson said she needed to have her tonsils and adenoids removed. Everyone I knew kept telling me that it was not a big deal, nothing to worry about. But, I kept thinking, this is my baby; it is a big deal.

Although I knew this was a surgery that was performed many times a day and I felt quite confident with Dr. Levinson's skills I was still very anxious and upset the day of the procedure. I was allowed to hold my daughter while she was put under anesthesia. I was warned that it might be difficult to see your child go to sleep in such a dramatic manner. It was. It was the most difficult thing I had ever done.

I left the anesthesia room with tears streaming down my face. It was horrible. I couldn't imagine a worse experience. My daughter came out of the surgery in great condition. She seemed to have an immediate recovery. To her it was no big deal. A few days later a friend called to check on her and asked my how things went for us. That was when that it occurred to me just how great the experience really was.

All day, from the surgery check-in, to the nurses, the doctor and anesthesiologist coming to talk to us and even the follow-up and check out after the surgery. All of the background, all of the work by the staff and everyone at the hospital was great.

All of that was completely seamless for us. It allowed me to completely focus on my daughter. I do recognize that we are extremely blessed. I do know how many very sick children there are at this hospital and I am very thankful that we only had a minor surgery to get through.

I made note of the professionalism and excellent customer service that we experienced that day and I decided that I wanted to be part of Children's. Six months later I started working here. I love coming to work everyday. I love knowing that I am doing my very small part to make it a seamless experience for the next mom who only wants to focus on her child. I enjoy helping them get through the day.