Gratitude for my colleagues after autistic son's tonsillectomy

By Mary, a Children's Employee

My son Tommy is a great kid, and autistic. When he had to have his tonsils out, Children's was the only alternative I considered, as I work as an at-home transcriptionist for Children's and know how much we really care about our patients.

The greatest part of the whole experience was the fact that Tommy was treated like a regular child who needed to know what was going on, and who needed to be reassured. It meant a lot to Tommy, and it meant even more to myself and my husband.

Child Life met with Tom and took extra pains to put things in his perspective, but treated him with respect. Although Tommy might have been considered too old for such things, the nurses in the anesthesia room sang children's songs to put him at ease and to go to sleep.

To Tom, his "security blanket" was his light bulb that he had decorated, and essential in his mind to his well-being. When it was left behind in the PACU (recovery room), his nurse hoofed it up there and brought it back.

When I foolishly cried over my son going in for something as simple as a tonsillectomy, they actually cared. Tommy was just another T&A (tonsils and adenoids) case, and at Children's, that is something very, very special. Thank you, to my fellow employees.