Emergency staff saw that my son got the help he needed, and that I received the reassurance I needed

Liam's Story
By Elisabeth
Maplewood, MN

When my son Liam was only three weeks old, I had the scariest night of my life. I came home from dinner with friends - my first time away from him since he was born - and about an hour later I was racing to the ER at Children's after my little newborn had just thrown up clots of blood.

I never thought I could be so terrified.

We pulled into the entry driveway (going the wrong way in a one way), and grabbed his carrier and raced in screaming "Help me!" I thought he was already lost to me. The nurses whisked us back to a room and took over. They ran tests, pumped his little tummy and set us up to stay overnight.

Thankfully, we have never had a repeat incident and my son is a beautiful little 13-month-old wild man now.

The nurses at Children's saw that my son got the help he needed, and that I received the reassurance I needed. One nurse even took the time to tell me that I was a great mom for taking the time to buckle him into a car seat for the mad dash to the ER.

Another saw that I was alone during the night we stayed in the short-term room, and came in to visit with me often. It made the sleepless night less horrible.

My son now sees a doctor at Children's Saint Paul Clinic for all of his well baby visits and check ups. The hospital and clinic at Saint Paul are exceptional facilities, and I can't thank the people there enough for all of the special attention and loving care we have received this past year. Thank you!