Born with a bowel obstruction, we thank the doctors and nurses who took care of Hunter during his 45-day stay at Children's - Minneapolis

Hunter's Story
By Colleen
Glencoe, MN

It all started when baby Hunter broke my water. I was immediately rushed to Abbott Northwestern Hospital by ambulance. Once I got there I was hooked up to monitors and IVs.

After I had my C-section I was only able to see Hunter for 2 seconds, then they whisked him away to the adjoined room were the neonatal team waited. While I was getting stitched up the neonatal team looked Hunter over and soon came out of the room to let me know what was all wrong with my 33-eek-old baby who we knew ahead of time was very ill with a bowel obstruction.

When Hunter was all settled into Children's NICU I was finally able to touch and get a good look at him. All I could think about was "Thank God he's alive and has all 10 toes and fingers." At 2 days of age Hunter underwent his first surgery to extract 10 centimeters of his small intestine. The surgery was a great success. Thanks to Dr. Wahoff and his team.

After the surgery Hunter started his journey to recovery. He had his good days and his bad days. He had a lot of setbacks on eating orally. But once he got the hang of it he was on his way to gaining weight and coming home, so we thought. Hunter gave us a scare when he was put in the ICC. He started to throw up his bottles and he developed a fever. The doctors and nurses were very helpful in explaining why this was happening. There was a slim chance that where the incision was in his intestine it was growing shut.

After a CAT Scan everything was okay. Hunter developed an allergy to milk and soy (just like his mommy), so after we found this out Hunter was put on Neocate formula for his duration at Children's.

Hunter was finally able to come home after staying 45 days in the hospital. He is now 3 years old and going to preschool in October. I just want to thank everyone who made our stay in Minneapolis a pleasant one and for all the doctors and nurses who took very good care of our Hunter. We will be sending you a recent picture of little Hunter with a Christmas card. Thanks for all that you have done for us.