A micro preemie miracle, all grown up

By Elissa

I see the commercials with the Children's Minnesota micro preemies all grown up, and have read the People magazine article, but I must say I have them beat by almost a decade!

Dr. Hokestra and the rest of the wonderful staff saved my life in Feb 1981.

I weighed in at 1 lb 14 oz and dropped to 1 lb 8 or 9 oz. My twin brother did not survive. I spent 4 months in the hospital fighting for my life. Overcoming jaundice, a collapsed lung, and needing a feeding tube as the only way to survive were only some of my struggles.

Today I am in perfect health except for the need of glasses/contacts. And my extreme nearsidedness may or may not be from my prematurity.

After high school I went to St Olaf (just like like one of your featured preemie grads!), got married, got my Masters degree at MSU, Mankato, and had two babies of my own.

Having my own children really brings things full circle. I will be 30 this winter, and thank God everyday for my life, and I am extremely thankful too, for those who helped save it!