Neurosurgery Stories

Born with Grade IV Intraventricular Hemorrhage and Hydrocephalus; now an amazing 9-year-old school of rock musician

Collin's Story
By Chris, Nicole, Collin, and little sister Sydney

Collin was born in May 1998, at 32 weeks, and was 3lb 1oz, and only 16 inches. We soon learned that Collin had a Grade IV Intraventricular Hemorrhage and Hydrocephalus, and had a large risk of Cerebral Palsy. It was devastating news, as it would be for any parent.

Collin was born at St. John's in Maplewood and was soon transferred to Children's in St. Paul for shunt placement surgery, as well as to learn to eat and grow.

Collin received the best care from his doctors, and I especially remember the care he received from his NICU nurse, Sue Thune. Collin left Children's in June, at 7 weeks old, and only 5 pounds!

Today, Collin is 9, in 4th grade, and albeit still small, he is perfectly healthy. His doctors are continually amazed by him.

Collin, who was "supposed" to have small motor issues, is an amazing and accomplished musician - he plays a phenomenal gu