Quick, accurate Bartter's Syndrome diagnosis in the NICU was a blessing

Sam's Story
Brainerd, MN

I had too much amniotic fluid while pregnant with Sam, so I delivered at Abbott Northwestern. It was a good thing because he spent two days in the special care nursery before going next door to Children's.

He has noisy breathing so the ENT ran tests to see what it could be. Turns it was nothing to worry about, but was a blessing in disguise.

Sam went to the NICU where during routine blood work the doctors noticed his potassium was low and not coming up. The doctors at the NICU were awesome, especially Dr. Perdue.

She contacted a nephrologist and ran a bunch of tests. While the tests were running, I took the information given to me and did my own research. The doctors and I agreed that we thought he had Bartter's Syndrome.

Thanks to this doctor our son was be diagnosed before he came home. They are all amazing! I cannot imagine what could have happened to our little boy if he was not diagnosed. Thank you Dr. Perdue!!