Seeing firsthand the parent-child bond makes my job rewarding

By Pat

I work in a department that provides education for parents of babies from the nurseries here at Children's. Our training is some of the last steps that need to be covered before the long anticipated, hoped for, and sometimes intimidating day of discharge happens.

Our training is usually individually set up with parents or any caregivers who might be responsible for the babies at home. Occasionally though, on short notice, two families will need to take the training together. This happened last week.

Two moms met who had babies on different floors and with very different diagnosis. The moms discovered in our class that besides English, they both had the same native language. I think they were each equally impressed with the diagnosis of the other's baby and by the surgeries each had recovered from. The moms were surprised to be able to share their experience to another mother in their native language.

Similarly, we recently taught an up-beat, enthusiastic mom who wanted training the first day available to take our class. This mom herself had been very ill before the baby was born. She has also required several hospitalizations since the baby's birth. Her focus though was getting the baby home. Parents like her who bond with their baby during bed-rest, hyperemesis, difficult labors, and hours of sitting by a fragile newborn's bedside watching them grow - that's what makes my job rewarding.