Visits from family and friends play an important role in a child's recovery. To help Children's patients, visitors are asked to follow these guidelines.

Visiting guidelines

  • When visiting Children's, all guests are screened for illness at the welcome desk. See our visiting guidelines.
  • To help create a safe and welcoming environment at Children's, all adults (16 and older) must wear a photo ID badge while in the hospital. Please stop at the Welcome Center to receive a badge.

Health guidelines

All visitors must follow these special guidelines for the health and safety of all patients. If you have questions, please talk with your child's nurse or stop by the nurses' station before visiting.

  • Anyone who has not had chickenpox and has had a known exposure in the past three weeks is not permitted to visit patients. If you have received the chickenpox vaccine in the last three weeks, see your child's nurse or call the nursing station before visiting.
  • Anyone who has symptoms of a contagious illness, such as a cough, cold, vomiting, diarrhea, cold sore or rash, should not visit patients.
  • Parents who have a contagious illness should talk with their child's nurse or doctor.


Children's staff are trained to respect the confidentiality of all patients by not discussing medical and family issues with other patients and families. We ask that you, also, respect the privacy of other patients and their families by not discussing their medical care with others.


Only Mylar balloons are allowed at Children's. Latex balloons are not allowed because of the choking danger if balloons are chewed or swallowed by young children and because some children have latex allergies. We are sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your help with this safety issue.