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At Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, the team of more than 100 pediatric anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists specialize in working with kids of all ages. That's important because children's bodies differ from adults' in a number of ways that affect anesthesia — the medicine used to help patients feel no pain during surgery and other invasive procedures.

The differences in size between kids and adults are obvious. But the differences you can't see are just as crucial. Kids' hearts and lungs work at a different speed from adults', and their body temperatures change more rapidly. Plus, their bodies respond faster to drugs, and they may need different types or amounts of medicine. For all these reasons, it's best to have a pediatric specialist managing your child's anesthesia — and that's why we're here.

The anesthesiology team includes dedicated specialists who provide complete anesthesia services for young patients:

  • Pediatric anesthesiologists are physicians who specialize in administering anesthesia to babies, children and teens. Before surgery, they assess kids' medical readiness for the procedure by scrutinizing your child's health history, current medications and previous surgeries to keep your child as safe and as comfortable as possible. During surgery, they control patients' pain and consciousness, and they monitor life functions such as heart rate, breathing and body temperature. Children's is fortunate to have almost 50 pediatric anesthesiologists on our professional staff. Each has completed at least eight years of medical training, including medical school, internships, residencies, fellowships and special pediatric training.
  • Pediatric nurse anesthetists are advanced practice registered nurses with special training in anesthesia. The 60 nurse anesthetists at Children's play a key role on our team.

These experts work closely with our acclaimed surgical teams, who treat kids' conditions from head to toe. They consult with our pain management team. Plus, they collaborate with child life professionals to prepare kids and families for the best possible anesthesia experience.

If you're visiting us, keep an eye out for our team leaders:

Beau Reiner, MD
Medical director of
anesthesiology at
Children's – St. Paul
Paul C. McCormick, MD
Medical director of
anesthesiology at
Children's – Minneapolis
Sarah J. Kaus, MD
Medical director of
anesthesiology at
Children's – Minnetonka

See below for a list of the all-star doctors and advanced practice nurses in the anesthesiology program. (Click on their names to read their profiles.)

Janice C Anderson, RN CRNA
Mary Barsness, RN CRNA
Lisa M Block, RN CRNA
Rachel M Bodnar, RN CRNA
Kimi L Brouhard, RN CRNA
Elizabeth A Cleary, RN CRNA
Timothy J Clune, RN CRNA
Gloria J Drake, RN CRNA
James E Ducharme, RN CRNA
Celeste L Gaiser, RN CRNA
Jacqueline A Gingerich, RN CRNA
Michael E Gotzsche, RN CRNA
Megan M Gustafson, RN, CRNA
Mary C Heller, RN CRNA
Judy M Holasek-Fritz, RN CRNA
Jenifer L James, RN CRNA
Jean J Jasienski, RN CRNA
Barbara J C Kleven, RN CRNA
Sara J Kraus, RN CRNA
Mary K Lovejoy, RN CRNA
Kathryn C McLaren, RN CRNA
Monica J Mortenson, RN CRNA
Debra A Nelson, RN CRNA
Jacinta A Nkwonta, RN CRNA
Marcia A O'Keefe, RN CRNA
Danielle M Patti, RN CRNA
Kristin M Paukert, RN CRNA
Shannon Lee Roe, RN CRNA
Mary K Saunders, RN CRNA
Kathy R Stahler, RN CRNA
Stephanie J Tschida, RN CRNA
Stacey A Van Lith, RN CRNA
Shannon M Wallack, RN CRNA
J Chris Wickland, RN CRNA
Christopher Altman, MD
Michael B Angel, MD
Jonathan T Berget, MD
Denise K Blankenship, RN CRNA
Katherine Clinch, MD
David J Cook, RN CRNA
Jose Coronado, RN CRNA
David A Dassenko, MD
Neil M Derechin, MD
Mark T Destache, MD
Tracy M DeWall, RN CRNA
Laura Jean Dexter, DO
Thomas Allen Dosland, MD
Blake A Elmquist, MD
Linda S Goss, RN CRNA
Debra J Helseth, RN CRNA
Tuta Ion, MD
David Dwight Jaeger, MD
Joseph L Kapla, MD
Sarah J Kaus, MD
Jay E Kent, MD
Jeannie J Klein, RN CRNA
Kathryn L Klein, RN CRNA DN
Kristine E Knorp, MD
Lisa F Koenig, MD
Richard Allen Kowalsky, MD
Kelly B Kromer, MD
Christine M Kurzweg, RN CRNA
Robert Alan Lamppa, RN CRNA
Scott E LeBard, MD
Min Sun Lee, MD
Jill R Maresh, MD
Courtney A Martin, RN CRNA DN
Paul C McCormick, MD
Mary C McDonough, RN CRNA
Christopher A Mickelson, MD
Laura A Mickelson, RN CRNA DN
Blaine R Miller, DO
Francis M Moran, MD
Karl F Newman, MD
Hoyt W Nye, MD
Susan Rhiannon O'Connor, MD
William Parenteau, RN CRNA
Deniz A Perese, MD
Daniel M Pogatchnik, RN CRNA
Beau G Reiner, MD
F Ryan Rekuski, MD
Colin P Ryan, RN CRNA
Thomas Christopher Sanneman, MD
Donna M Schumacher, RN CRNA
Yelena Simelgor, RN CRNA
Erik N Stene, MD
Jason R Stotts, RN CRNA
Jennifer L Sturm, RN CRNA
Taro Tanaka, MD
Scott E Thompson, RN CRNA
Jon Tomasson, MD
Jerald O Van Beck, MD
Joshua J Walter, RN CRNA
Christopher J Wendell, MD
Diane M Wild, RN CRNA
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