Central nervous system tumors (known as "CNS" tumors or tumors of the brain and spinal cord) demand immediate, delicate, and comprehensive care. At Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, we diagnose and treat your child's tumor with advanced tools and expert staff.

The team of professionals in Children's brain and spinal cord tumor program takes pride in their comprehensive, collaborative approach to care of children diagnosed with a CNS tumor.

Our goal is to help each child reach the best possible emotional, cognitive and health outcomes throughout childhood and into adult life. We know the family is at the center of this team and is essential to help the child regain health and reach their maximal potential.

Each child and family develops relationships with a consistent group of doctors, nurses and others who specialize in the care of children with brain and spinal cord tumors. The team oversees the unique and complex needs of the child using a personalized approach to best understand your child and family throughout treatment and survivorship.