Cerebellar Astrocytoma

What is a cerebellar astrocytoma?

Cerebellar astrocytoma makes up approximately 15 to 25 percent of brain tumors seen in children. This type of tumor arises from astrocytes, which are cells that make up the supportive tissue of the brain. A cerebelllar astrocytoma forms in the cerebellum at the lower back of the brain. The cerebellum controls movement, balance and coordination.

What are the symptoms of cerebellar astrocytoma?

The usual signs of cerebella astrocytoma include loss of balance, problems with walking, headaches (especially in the morning), vomiting and sleepiness.

How is cerebellar astrocytoma diagnosed?

The diagnosis of cerebellar astrocytoma is made through a CT scan, MRI scan and surgical biopsy.

How is cerebellar astrocytoma treated?

Treatment for astrocytoma involves the surgical removal of the bulk, or majority, of the tumor. If the tumor can't be totally removed, additional treatment might be needed. The pathologist, the doctor who looks at the tumor tissue with a microscope, will grade the tumor based on its appearance from grade one to four. Tumors with a higher grade appear more abnormal and are faster growing.

When a tumor is not completely removed or is a higher grade tumor, additional therapy may be needed. Treatment may include radiation, chemotherapy or both.

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