Research at Children's Hospital

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Advances in pediatric cancer care and its treatment starts out as research in specialized labs, clinics and hospitals all over the world as well as here at Children's. Collaborative, organized research done by more than 200 institutions worldwide has greatly improved the outcomes for children and teens diagnosed with cancer. Because of this collaborative research, survival rates for childhood cancers today have dramatically increased to between 80 percent to 85 percent as compared to just 20 percent only 50 years ago . Research is a major contributor to the great strides made in improving the care for children with cancer and the hope of someday finding a cure.

In addition to cancer research, our Blood Disorders program staff has access to the most up-to-date treatment options through participation in local, national and international groups. Therefore, we offer the most current treatment options and the opportunity to participate in clinical studies if desired. We are committed to working together to search for better treatments, prevention and an eventual cure.

At Children's, our clinical teams strive to provide the best treatment available to children and teens diagnosed with cancer and blood disorders. We have the largest clinical research staff in the region and more than 100 research studies that are currently enrolling patients. The majority of our cancer patients who are eligible for participation in a research study, provide consent to take part in one or more clinical trials. We are one of the most active participants in the nation in the number of patients enrolled in clinical trials, which results in rapid deployment of new information. Through participation in national and international cooperative research groups and our own supportive care research, we are able to continually improve our care and make advancements in the treatment of these childhood diseases.

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