Participating in research at Children’s

Safety and Confidentiality

Your child's health and well-being are top priority for us, just as we know they are for you. We are here to help you understand questions you may have about taking part in a research study.

Before a study is open for participants, it is rigorously reviewed to help protect the safety of anyone enrolled. The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is an independent hospital-based committee responsible to protect the rights and welfare of the children and families who participate in research activities conducted at Children's. IRB approval is required for all research activities available to our patients. Membership on the committee includes hospital staff as well as members of the community.

Your child's right to have healthcare information kept private continues while participating in a research study. If researchers share or publish information about a study, details that may reveal your child's identity are not shared with anyone else unless you give permission to do so.