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The developmental and rehabilitation services team at Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota knows that every child has unique needs as he or she grows up — and there may be obstacles along the way. That's why our developmental and rehabilitation specialists have the skills to help your child clear developmental hurdles that may arise.

Whether a child has an autism spectrum disorder, a speech impediment, developmental delays, is recovering from an accident or living with a chronic condition, we will work with you and your child to continue moving forward.

All the professionals on our team have specialized training. Each of us focuses on one part of child development: movement, hearing, communication or the skills needed for everyday life, such as getting dressed. But we never lose sight of the whole child.

To make sure all your child's needs are met, we work closely with one another. Together, we combine the experience and expertise of more than 100 dedicated professionals.

One-of-a-kind kids deserve exceptional care

Children's offers a wide range of developmental and rehab services. They fall into these four main categories:

  • We get kids moving. Physical therapists help kids do everyday activities that call for moving their bodies, such as walking and catching a ball.
  • We size up their ears. Audiologists provide complete hearing evaluations for kids of all ages and abilities — even newborns — and treat hearing loss with hearing aids and educational programming when necessary.
  • We give them a voice. Speech-language pathologists help kids overcome challenges with speech, language, communication, feeding and swallowing.
  • We help them succeed. Occupational therapists help kids master skills they need in daily life, whether they're buttoning their jackets, writing their names, eating their breakfasts or coping with all the sights, sounds and jostling on the school bus.

It looks like play. But we're hard at work

When your child comes to Children's for rehab, whether through one of our clinics or in the hospital, we encourage you to watch and even take part in treatment sessions. You'll see that much of what we do seems like fun and games — and it is. We know that kids are more motivated when they're having a good time. So we try to keep therapy as playful as possible.

But don't let that fool you. There's serious work going on. All the activities — from stacking blocks to playing with puppets — are carefully chosen to help your child learn new skills or build on existing ones. We'll show you how to use the same methods to practice with your child at home.

At Children's, we're experts on kids' therapy — but you're the expert on your own child. By joining forces, we can help your child grow up more confident and independent. That's the power of teamwork.


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