Diabetes / Endocrynology

The diabetes center has a full range of specialized staff. They work together to meet the specific needs of each child.

  • Pediatric endocrinologists (physician specialists in diabetes care for children).
  • Pediatric nurse practitioners who specialize in diabetes care.
  • Diabetes educators (registered nurses certified by the American Association of Diabetes Educators).
  • Registered nurses and medical assistants.
  • Dietitians who are certified by the American Association of Diabetes Educators.
  • Child life staff (specialists in child development who help children understand diabetes in terms they will understand).
  • Social workers.

Dedicated diabetes care professionals

The McNeely Pediatric Diabetes Center is the only diabetes center in the region to specialize in working solely with children and teens. The staff provide expert health care to help maintain a child's targeted blood sugar ranges. Most children seen in the diabetes center have Type 1 diabetes. A small but growing number have Type 2.

Diabetes and endocrinology care is a leading program at Children's, called a cornerstone program. These are major programs meeting rigorous criteria for excellence, including clinical research, use of advanced technology, and evidence-based practice.

In addition to diabetes, the clinic provides diagnostic services and treatment for children with disorders of growth, advanced or delayed sexual development, pituitary disorders, thyroid abnormalities, disorders of calcium balance, adrenal disorders, and hypoglycemia.

The McNeely Pediatric Diabetes Center has received recognition for its diabetes education program from the American Diabetes Association, by meeting the association's high educational standards.

Education is Essential

For a child newly diagnosed with diabetes and his or her family, learning the basics of blood glucose testing, insulin shots, and dietary changes is essential. Education is designed to meet the needs of each child and family, and will consider the age of the child and type of diabetes.

This training starts immediately, either while the child is in the hospital or at a clinic appointment. Training continues during every clinic visit to meet the changing needs of the child and family. Adjustments are made to help families maintain normal activities as much as possible.

Telephone support is also available for families with a new diagnosis or a change in regimen requiring frequent follow-up.

Diabetes Care Manual
Children's Patient/Family Education Materials
2013 Diabetes Class Education Descriptions
2013 Diabetes Class Education Schedule
Diabetes and Driving
Financial Resources
Off to College
Sick day review card

Age-appropriate diabetes care

Insulin Worksheets

Select an insulin worksheet below based on the types of insulin you are using. Print, complete, and fax your worksheet(s) to Children's at (651) 220-6064.

On your fax include a phone number to call you and indicate convenient times to call during the workday. We try to return all calls within 24 hours. If you need assistance sooner, please call our office at (651) 220-6624 and select option 4.

Optimizing Insulin Doses
Worksheets for pump prep
DKA Decision Tree for Pump
DKA Decision Tree for Lantus
Record sheet for lantus
Record sheet for pump

Teen Transitions Class

Are you... Graduating from high school? 
                 Going away to college? 
                 Moving out on your own? 
                 Entering the workforce?

Attend our Teen Transitions Class to learn more about this new phase in life with
diabetes management.

Dates for 2014 coming soon.

Diabetes Support Group

The diabetes support group meets from 6:30 to 8 p.m the second Tuesday of each month, between October and April. Meetings are held at the Garden View Medical Building at Children's - St. Paul.

Children's diabetes support group provides an opportunity to have fun, learn about incorporating diabetes into daily life, and meet and talk with peers of similar ages, for both parents and children. There is no charge to participate and families do not need to register. We look forward to a phenomenal year. If you know of other families that have children with diabetes, please invite them to join us. For more information, call (651) 220-6624.

Meeting Dates

October 8, 2013       Carnival Kick-Off
November 12, 2013      Ask the Expert: Q&A with the Diabetes Team
 December 10, 2013 Discussion: Managing holidays and illness
January, 14, 2014 Diabetes research update
February 11, 2014 Discussion: Diabetes cares across childhood
growth and development
March 11, 2014 Young adult panel
April 8, 2014 Discussion: Summer and travel