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The ear, nose and throat (ENT) and facial plastic surgery team at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota is internationally recognized for their leadership in developing and providing pediatric treatments. And Children’s is the only hospital in the state of Minnesota offering 24/7 access to pediatric ENT specialists. That’s reassuring for families who need an ENT doc for their child after regular office hours.

Our docs spend years preparing for their roles as your child’s ENT and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery expert. After training for five years to specialize in ears, nose and throat, every pediatric otolaryngologist in our program receives additional fellowship training to learn the medical and surgical management of problems unique to infants, children and adolescents. 

Our ENT team is made up of a team of dedicated professionals:

  • Pediatric otolaryngologists are physicians with advanced training in caring for kids’ ear, nose and throat and facial plastic surgery conditions. All of our otolaryngologists are fully trained in facial plastic surgery. At Children’s, we have four board-certified pediatric otolaryngologists.
  • Pediatric nurse practitioners are registered nurses who have completed advanced training and education, specializing in the care of children. At Children’s ENT and facial plastic surgery program, we have two certified nurse practitioners. 
  • Pediatric audiologists are specialists who provide comprehensive hearing evaluations designed especially for newborns, infants, children and adolescents. 
  • Pediatric speech pathologists are experts and evaluating and treating children who have difficulties with communication, feeding and swallowing. 
  • Pediatric ENT nurses are experienced registered nurses who specialize in treating babies and children with ENT and head and neck disorders and educating families about their condition. 

Our ENT and facial plastic surgery team works closely with professionals from many other fields, including pediatric pulmonologists and respiratory therapists and hematologists/oncologists, pediatric anesthesiologists, and child life specialists. At Children’s,you’ll have access to a vast network of professionals whose sole focus is healing kids and making life easier for their families.

If you’re visiting the Children’s ENT and facial plastic surgery program, keep an eye out for
this key player:

James Sidman, MD
Medical director of the pediatric ENT and facial plastic surgery program

See below for a list of some our all-star team at Children's. (Click on their names to read their profiles.) To see a full list, search for the "Otolaryngology" or "Surgery, Plastic" specialities in Find a Doctor.

Tiffanie J. Drevecky, APRN CNP
Heidi L. Gruenhagen, APRN CNP
Timothy A. Lander, MD
Barbara N. Malone, MD
Abby C. Meyer, MD
Joshua R. Mitchell, MD
Frank L. Rimell, MD
Brianne B. Roby, MD
James D. Sidman, MD
Robert J. Tibesar, MD
Thomas H. Ayre, MD
Gregory L. Barth, MD
Eric T. Becken, MD
Carl A. Brown, MD
Henry S. Chang, MD
Thomas E. Christenson, MD
V Stuart Cox, MD
Karin E. Evan, MD
William J. Garvis, MD
Kristin B. Gendron, MD
Geoffrey S. Getnick, MD
Matthew S. Griebie, MD
Rex S. Haberman, MD
Christopher W. Hilton, MD
Michael B. Johnson, MD
Richard G. Karlen, MD
Nissim Khabie, MD
John W. Larsen, MD
Philip M. Manger, MD
Jeffrey C. Manlove, MD
Darren R. McDonald, MD
Michael P. Murphy, MD
Michelle C. Naylor, MD
Thomas L. Okner, MD
Ilya Perepelitsyn, MD
Lisa A. Posey, MD
Julie C. Reddan, MD
Inell C. Rosario, MD
Derek J. Schmidt, MD
Gary E. Schnitker, MD
Geoffrey J. Service, MD
Sarah E. Shefelbine, MD
Robert D. Silver, MD
Robert W. Smith, MD
Benhoor Soumekh, MD
T Michael Tedford, MD
Jon V. Thomas, MD
Christopher J Tolan, MD
Rolf F. Ulvestad, MD
Larry A. Zieske, MD
    - Children's Employee


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