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Our emergency departments and trauma centers are staffed 24 hours a day by board-eligible or board-certified pediatric emergency physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses with specialized education in pediatrics and emergency medicine. And child life staff trained in child development help children prepare for procedures, deal with anxiety, and help control pain.

Plus, at our Level I pediatric trauma center in Minneapolis, we have 24/7 in-house pediatric trauma surgeons, pediatric critical care intensivists, pediatric emergency medicine physicians, neonatologists, and pediatricians. We also have 24/7 availability of physicians with pediatric board-certification in neurosurgery, orthopedics, cardiothoracic surgery, ophthalmology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and many other specialists.

meleaMelea Anderson, RN, CNP, DNP
Director of Trauma Services

MSN/PNP Pediatric Nurse Practitioner – University of Minnesota School of Nursing
DNP Doctor of Nursing Practice – University of Minnesota

hirschmanDavid Hirschman, MD
Associate Trauma Medical Director,
Co-medical Director of the Emergency Department

University of Minnesota Medical School

Pediatrics – University of Minnesota School of Medicine
Emergency Medicine – Hennepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis

kreykesNathaniel Kreykes, MD
Trauma Medical Director

University of Minnesota Medical School

General Surgery – University of Minnesota
Pediatric Surgery – University of Oklahoma

sicoliRobert Sicoli, MD
Co-medical Director of the Emergency Department

SUNY at Buffalo School of Medicine

Pediatrics – Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, Cleveland
Emergency Medicine, Pediatric – Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Meet the ER Team

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Munira A. Abdi, APRN CNP D
Kerry B. Ace, DO
Cynthia M. Anderson, APRN CNP
Melea R. Anderson, APRN CNP D
Sommer E. Anderson, APRN CNP D
Joseph L. Arms, MD
Pablo U. Avendano, MD
Marte E. Baro, MD
Charles D. Blackwell, MD
Mariya V. Bowen, APRN CNP
Patrick L. Carolan, MD
Marydee C. Chamberlain, MD
Jeffrey R. Dahlen, MD
Kristin M. Dettmer, APRN CNP
Erin S. Dobie, APRN CNP
Sarah E. Q. Dundee, MD
Jean-Marie R. Ebrahimi, MD
Laura W. Erickson, MD
Kelsey M. Everson, APRN CNP
Gary C. Fifield, MD
Andrea M. Fox, PA-C
Jessica E. Freeman, APRN CNP
Erin P. Fritz, APRN CNP
Susan J. Goddard, DO
David H. Gustafson, MD
Jennifer R. Halverson, MD
Erin K. Happ, APRN CNP
Thomas M. Hetzel, MD
David A. Hirschman, MD
Fatima S. Jaffer, APRN CNP
Vaishali Jha, MD
Rahul Kaila, MBBS
Anna Karpas, MD
Julie D. Kenney, APRN CNP
Anupam B. Kharbanda, MD
Martin D. Klatzko, MD
Adriana M. Klucar Stoudt, DO
Kristina M. Koch, APRN CNP D
Paula F. Kocken, MD
Michelle S. London, MD
Manu Madhok, MD MPH
Deborah A. Magnuson, APRN CNP
Michael T. McWay, MD
Donna M. Milner, MD
Marsha L. Moreen, APRN CNP
Noelle J. Noah, PA-C
Henry W. Ortega, MD
Anne-Marie Perry, PA-C
Jeffrey Jon Peterson, MD
Robert T. Plouff, MD
Samuel R. Reid, MD
Christine R. Reimer, APRN CNP
Tracy L. Ricke, MD
Annalisa K. Rudser, MD
Karen M. Saboe, APRN CNS
Nicole S. Schmitz, APRN CNP
Mark G. Schnellinger, MD
Robert A. Sicoli, MD
Thomas M. Skrypek, MD
Kellee A. Street, MD
Marlieke Van Tyn, MD
Carolyn M. Veglia-Young, APRN CNP
Meghan E. Webber, PA-C
Debra A. Weimerskirch, MD
Valerie T. Whitcomb, MD
Betty C. Wu, MD MPH
Kathryn A. Wussow, MD
Eugene W. Yates, MD
Paul N. Zenker, MD MPH
Karen L. Hick, MD
Cynthia L. Nielsen, MD
Jeffrey S. Schiff, MD
    - Children's Employee

Meet the Trauma Team

(Click on their names to read their profiles)

Cynthia M. Anderson, APRN CNP
Melea R. Anderson, APRN CNP D
Mariya V. Bowen, APRN CNP
Patrick L. Carolan, MD
James A. Engels, MD
Laura W. Erickson, MD
Andrea M. Fox, PA-C
David A. Hirschman, MD
Noelle J. Noah, PA-C
Rachel L. Ott, MD
Anne-Marie Perry, PA-C
Seth C. Silbert, MD
Meghan E. Webber, PA-C
Jennifer L. Worley, APRN CNP
Kathryn A. Wussow, MD
Elizabeth A. Wyman, MD
Glen F. Anderson, MD
Peter W. Clarine, APRN CNP
Ryan F. Deisler, MD
Brad A. Feltis, MD
Walter E. Galicich, MD
Tenner J. Guillaume, MD
Michael T. Healy, MD
Nathaniel S. Kreykes, MD
Jennifer C. Laine, MD
Adam Lokeh, MD
Jonathan D. McCue, MD
Michael P. McCue, MD
John C. Mullan, MD
Mahmoud G. Nagib, MD
Benjamin J. Novak, MD
David G. Rustad, MD
Alison N. Schiffern, MD
David J. Schmeling, MD
Stephen B. Sundberg, MD
Walter H. Truong, MD
Patricia A. Valusek, MD
David C. Wahoff, MD
Elizabeth W. Weber, MD
Jonathan D. Witzke, MD
    - Children's Employee


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