What to expect from the hospitalist

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Hospitalists are among the first faces kids see when they're transferred to an inpatient or observation unit. During this process, our team confers with the admitting doctor and the patient's pediatrician to gather information and plan for first-rate care.

Hospitalists visit their patients at least once a day — and more often as needed. Our team members usually work several days in a row so we can get to know the kids better.

If you have a question or concern, we're here to help. Even if it's 4 a.m. on Christmas, you'll always find us busy on the unit. To speak with your hospitalist, please ask your child's nurse or any member of the care team.

Get to know our team

If you visit Children's general medical and surgical floor or observation unit, be on the look out for:

Emily Chapman, MD
Medical director of the hospitalist program

Our full team of doctors and nurse practitioners in the hospitalist program at Children's can be found below. (Click on their names to read their profiles.).

Sanford J. Anderson, MD
Nicole B. Beckmann, APRN CNP
Michael R. Bendel-Stenzel, MD
Rebecca L. Carlson, APRN CNP
Emily P. Chapman, MD
Pamela Gigi Chawla, MD
Polo Chen, MD
Ellen C. Christiansen, MD
Philip J. Dech, MD
Megan E. Deisz, MD
Adam P. Foss, MD
Nathan P. Gossai, MD
Sonja M. Green, MD
Mary Ellen Heezen, MD
Courtney B. Herring, MD
Gabrielle Z. Hester, MD
Patricia T. Hickey, MD
Amy M. Janisch, APRN CNP
Maureen K. Jaqua, DO
Mary Alycia Johnson, APRN CNP
Cassandra L. Jones, APRN CNP
Pallavi Kamra, MBBS
Marit E. Knutson, MD
Molly B. Martyn, MD
Mani M. Mokalla, MD
Kirsten R. Morse, APRN CNP
Molly B. O'Connell, APRN CNP
Jodi M. O'Neill, APRN CNP
Maren E. Olson, MD
Nicole M. Omann, MD
Kristin L. B. Peterson, MD
Jennifer A. Pratt, DO
Michele Richardson, MD
Hillary A. Ross, APRN CNP
Angela K. Sidler, MD
Gloria A. Swanson, MD
Kent W. Wegmann, MD
Nicole J. Weihrauch, APRN CNP
Jennifer L. Weyandt, APRN CNP
Lindsey C. Yock, MD
Kaye A. M. Abel, MD
Kelsey B. Ankeny, MD
Eric B. Barth, MD
Julie M. Boman, MD
Christopher S. Bowron, MD
Cheryl L. Burlend, MD
Laura P. Chen, MD
Kimberly R. Cochran, MD
Rachel S. Darling, MD
Kristin R. Davis, MD
Charles V. DeRubeis, MD
David L. Eenigenburg, MD
Daniel M. Farber, MD
Brian M. Flagstad, MD
Jessica D. Goreham-Voss, MD
Laura J. Hagemeyer, MD
Jesse L. Hennum, MD
Amy S. Hentges, MD
Marie K. Hickey, MD
Brittany N. Johnston, MD
Heidi J. Kamrath, DO
Jennifer T. Keis, MD
Janelle R. Keplinger, MD
Erin E. King, MD
Emillie D. Kirven, MD
Justin M. Kirven, MD
Krysta H. Koepke, MD
Julie L. Laidig, MD
Kara D. Larson, MD
Craig J. Leesman, MD
Justin R. Leitch, MD
Jennifer L. Martin-McKay, MD
James S. McCabe, MD
Paul D. Melchert, MD
Peter J. Melchert, MD
Stephanie R. Meyer, MD
Abby J. Montague, MD
Matthew A. Mundy, MD
Micah P. Niermann, MD
Angela J. Noble, MD
Erin M. Novak, MD
Anthonia A. Olajide-Kuku, MD
Patrick A. Pederson, MD
Michele L. Peterson, MD
William H. Rabe, MD
Elizabeth A. Reed, MD
Daniel M. Ries, MD
Phil B. Rolfe, MD
Lacy D. Schwarze, MD
Kimberly C. Simon, MD
Andrea M. Spandl, MD
Jerry M. Stultz, MD
Brian W. Sutter, MD
David P. Tetzlaff, MD
Chrisanne K. Timpe DuPuis, MD
M Colin Turner, MD
Randall C. Warren, MD
Elise N. Whitehill, MD
Judith A. Wiltse, MD
David L. Wineinger, MD
Erin E. Wise, MD
Timothy A. Wood, MD
Xiao Y. Young, MD
Natalie Zabezhinsky, MD
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