Children’s genetics clinic is one of the largest in the region, providing 2,000 patient visits per year to children and teens from Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Michigan, and Nebraska. We care for children with genetic conditions, adults whose conditions originated in childhood, and families with a history of pediatric genetic issues. Our program’s size and dedicated administrative staff allow us to see most new patients within six weeks.

Children’s is the only genetics clinic in Minnesota with a focus on clinical care of pediatric patients and conditions. Children’s pediatric, clinical focus means your child’s care includes:

  • Genetic evaluation by a board-certified pediatric geneticist. Our pediatric geneticists underwent three years of training in pediatrics in addition to their medical genetics training, and Children’s pediatric geneticists are nationally recognized for their diagnostic and therapeutic skills. Team members include a pediatric geneticist who is an expert in lysosomal storage diseases and enzyme replacement therapies as well as a pediatric geneticist who is one of the few physicians in the U.S. board-certified in both pediatric cardiology and pediatric genetics.
  • Genetic counselor consultation. Every new family meets with a genetic counselor. Genetic counselors, who have specialized graduate degrees and clinical experience in medical genetics and counseling, can help you understand your child’s condition and your family’s genetic risks. They can help you plan for the future and obtain community and state services.
  • Pediatric subspecialists on your child’s care team. The genetics team works in concert with other providers at Children's to provide your child with expert diagnoses and coordinated care. Children’s pediatric subspecialists are highly experienced in caring for a wide variety of congenital (from birth) conditions. Pediatric experts are available in neonatology, hematology, oncology, cardiology, cleft/craniofacial surgery, critical care, and many other specialties.
  • A pediatric environment. Everything from waiting rooms and surgical suites to diagnostic equipment and physical therapy equipment is designed to meet the unique needs of children. Patient rooms and waiting areas are wheelchair-accessible and configured in a flexible way to accommodate a variety of disabilities.
  • You as part of the care team. Your child’s care providers consider you to be part of your child’s care team, because you know your child best.

Genetic Conditions Evaluated 

At Children’s, we specialize in working with children who have complex medical needs and birth defects. Families already may have a diagnosis. We work with parents to identify causes, evaluate options, discuss prognoses, plan treatments, and address recurrence risks.

Genetics Services Provided

Children’s genetics team members are nationally regarded experts in the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of genetic conditions.

Genetics Clinic Locations

Inpatient and outpatient genetic care is performed at Children’s – Minneapolis and Children’s – St. Paul. Children’s genetics program also provides physician-to-physician consultations and office visits for the children of Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare in St. Paul, MN.