Having a healthy child means more than just being well physically. Your child's health includes mind, body, and spirit. We provide care that promotes optimal health and supports the highest level of functioning in all your child's activities.

Our approach is not meant to replace conventional medical treatment. Children’s combines the best of complementary and conventional medical therapies to create holistic solutions for children with chronic illness, acute and chronic pain, complex bio-behavioral problems, and emotional challenges.

We are the largest, longest-running pediatric, clinical integrative medicine program in North America.

What is Integrative Medicine?


Integrative Medicine For Kids Video

Seven short video clips, along with interactive questions and answers, are now available for parents and children. From the main menu you will have the option to select one of seven videos.

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Integrative Treatment Options

Children's of Minnesota is a national leader in offering integrative treatment options. We have a variety of assessment, treatment, and consultative services for families and children.

Ways to Wellness Handouts 

One page educational handouts about integrative medicine written specifically for kids and adolescents.


Links to several online resources about integrative medicine or about a specific treatment.


Individuals viewing this material should in all cases review the benefits and risks of using specific complementary treatments with their own doctor or health care provider for the diagnosis and treatment of medical and/or psychological conditions.