Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota offers laboratory services through the main Minneapolis and St. Paul Campus laboratories and Tower (Mpls) and Garden View (St. Paul) outpatient lab specimen collection sites. We are a regional, full-service, diagnostic center offering pediatric laboratory testing and consultative services to our health care providers, private physician offices and other health care institutions throughout Minnesota and beyond. Our laboratories are committed to the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective, laboratory testing in both our clinical laboratories and surgical pathology areas. The services offered are designed for the needs of our pediatric patients (from newborn to adolescence) and include: specimen collection, transport, testing, results reporting, and interpretation. As such, many tests can be performed on microsamples of blood and our staff are highly skilled in pediatric collection techniques and provide coping strategies to improve the patient and family experience. Results are reported with age-adjusted reference intervals for appropriate interpretation. Even though pediatrics is our specialty, most testing services are also directly applicable to adults.

A professional staff of 5 full-time pathologists as well as our many department clinical scientists and specialists are available for questions and consultations. Our laboratory services are enhanced by our association with many renown reference laboratories allowing us to offer specialty testing not performed on site.

In all of our endeavors, from obtaining small blood volume instrumentation to interpretation of unique pediatric disorders, we champion the special needs of children.