Each section contains laboratory information on testing and procedures used at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. Each individual test listing provides four type of information: General Information, Logistics, Specimen, and Interpretive sections.

The General Information section gives information pertaining to the Test Name, Synonyms, CPT coding and Test Includes.

The Logistics section lists Test Indications, so the user will know under what circumstances they should consider ordering the test, the specific Lab section performing the test, the name of the Referral Laboratory if the test is referred, the Phone number(s) of the section, Test Availability, stat and routine Turnaround Times and any Special Instructions.

The Specimen section specifies exact specimen requirements. It defines the specific Specimen Type and Volume required. Minimum volumes where applicable are also noted. Instructions regarding the correct Container or tube, Collection procedure, Patient Preparation, Storage Instructions, and causes for Sample Rejection are also listed in this section.

The Interpretive section provides routine data and guidelines including Reference Ranges, Limitations of the test method, Methodology where appropriate, Contraindications to the test, and References for the specific listing.