Our Commitment to Pain and Palliative Care

Our hospital-based rounding team provides care to children with acute pain, chronic pain and palliative care needs.

We believe children have the right to the best level of pain relief and symptom management that can be safely provided. Therefore, we take an interdisciplinary team approach to pain and symptom management, using drug and non-drug therapies.

The use of multiple ways of addressing discomfort gives the best results. Families too have an important role in helping to relieve the child’s discomfort.

Families have an essential role in comforting the child. Our goal is to have staff and families work together to evaluate discomfort promptly and treat it effectively. Many children have the potential to experience discomfort in the hospital.

Common causes include surgery, IV starts, tissue damage from infection, and sore muscles from being in bed. Most symptoms can be treated and relieved.

The Pain and Palliative care team wants to do all they can to relieve pain and increase comfort. We will discuss options that may work effectively for your child. If families do not feel that the discomfort is being adequately managed, they are encouraged to talk with their nurse, physician or the Pain and Palliative care team.

The Team

The team includes experts in pain and symptom management. You and your child may meet team members that include physicians, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, child life specialists, integrative medicine staff and social workers. We will work together with you and your primary care team to provide the best plan for your child.

Referral Process

Children’s is committed to the best possible care and comfort for your child. We have a unique pain policy that states anyone can call the pain and palliative care team for a pain consult at (651) 220-5400. We mean anyone … nurse, doctor, parent, relative, or friend.